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August 31, 2015  •  2 Comments

Photo Session Wish List 


HUGE Model Call

I have an ever growing list of sessions I would love to do sometime! Some of them are for more practice and some are for creative freedom. Whatever the case may be, there are huge discounts given to anyone who would like to book one of these sessions. They were posted in our Facebook VIP Group first, but are now available for all of you! 

If you are interested in any of these sessions, please send me an email to with the subject line "Model Call"


Wish List of Sessions:

Those marked pending have people who have shown interest, but have not officially been claimed yet. Sessions are not officially claimed until deposit is paid in full. 

*Pregnancy announcement to dad (dad can't know yet!)

*Gender reveal (parents can't know yet!) - Pending

*Newborn/parent shots (this session will focus solely on getting shots of the newborn with mom and dad) - CLAIMED

*Triplets (sitting age) - Pending

*Four Generations (all girls or all boys - great-grandfather, grandfather, dad, newborn or great-grandmother, grandmother, mom and newborn) - Pending

*Newborn puppy(or puppies)

*Maternity (in water-must be willing to get in a creek) - Pending

*Adoption Story/Infertility Journey CLAIMED

Do you have an idea for a unique session? Don't be afraid to pitch it to me! 


I love your session wish list!! I would love a generational shot myself one day!
If only I still had a puppy, I would love the puppy session. What a great idea to do a model call for your photographic wish list. I hope you get some great bookings with this because your examples are beautiful.
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