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September 30, 2015  •  11 Comments

Lisa and Jami

Lisa found me through Facebook and took advantage of our Maternity & Newborn package! She was hesitant toward the maternity pictures, but I'm so glad she decided to go for it! We had a blast that evening and I can't wait to meet their little girl! 

As always, here's a little Q&A with Lisa - 


What's the first thing that ran through your mind when you both found out you were pregnant?

Well, I found out first because Jami didn't know I was taking a pregnancy test. I took the test 5 days before my missed period, so the line didn't show up as quick as it would have had I been further along. It appeared negative and I continued on with my day, forgetting to throw the test away. Realized 30 minutes later that I left it on the counter and went to throw it out but glanced at it one more time and noticed the really faint second pink line. My first thought was, "holy crap, is this for real??" I kept it to myself and took another test the next day to be sure. Once I had 2 positive tests I decided to surprise my husband by writing on my stomach that we were having a baby! The first words out of his mouth were "are you sure? How do you know??" and he was in complete shock, but then very excited!!

What have been the most memorable parts of this pregnancy? 

Feeling the baby move for the first time, and every time after that is one of the best feelings in the world! We also had a 3D ultrasound that was 4D as well and given to us as a DVD for out keeping which I will cherish forever! She hasn't even been born yet and I've watched it about 10 times already!!

What was your favorite part about our session together?

Many women may say they feel beautiful during pregnancy, but I am not one of those women. I have felt sadness and depression and disappointment when I look in the mirror and see the weight I've gained and the stretch marks on my sides. The maternity session I had with Angie truly and honestly made me feel beautiful for the first time throughout this pregnancy and that is something that I will forever be grateful for. She made me feel pretty, and happy, and even my husband kept telling me how beautiful and happy I looked the whole time. It was so nice.

How did you prepare for our photo shoot? How was your experience? Were you nervous or worried before? How did it turn out?

I was a little nervous to feel vulnerable and have my big pregnant belly exposed and trying to pose properly without looking ridiculous. But I had the best experience and so much fun doing the session!!

What would be your advice to someone getting maternity photographs taken?

Just let loose and pretend nobody is watching. Let your true emotions show through your smile and facial expressions naturally without trying to fake anything. Allow yourself to feel beautiful, because you are! And the life inside you is so precious.

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Love this! I really enjoyed reading her responses to your questions - so authentic and real - the way it should be! Lovely work!
Incredibly sweet!
Trina Dinnar(non-registered)
Gorgeous Maternity Session photos! I love the light!
angie arthur(non-registered)
The outfits used in this session are absolutely stunning! I also love the little crown that mom is holding. Such a sweet touch for this lovely photo session!
Melanie Melugin(non-registered)
What a beautiful maternity session that you captured for this family!

I love the birthmarks on her belly, but especially like the image where she is standing alone with the greenery all around her and the sun shining down. This could easily be transferred into a painting.

Excited to see the newborn session!!!

Great job!
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