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January 11, 2016  •  6 Comments

5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures of your Kids


With 2016 and baby number two here, I sit here reflecting on all the photos I've taken of Jackson and the pictures I want to take of him and his little brother. Most moms (and dads) own some form of a camera whether it be a smartphone, a point and shoot or a dslr. (Maybe you got a new camera for Christmas?!) No matter what you're using to take the pictures, there are a few tips I have to help take better photos of your kids. 

1 - Capture them doing something they love. 
Whether it be at the playground or during an art project, kids are always more comfortable in front of the camera if they are doing something they love. You will catch the more natural smiles and laughs because they are genuinely happy to be doing what they're doing. Baking cookies together for the holidays? This is a great time to break out the camera and snap a few shots of your kiddo! 
Jackson absolutely loves spending time in his playroom and pulling everything out! 
2 - Don't set high expectations. 
Capturing photos of your little one doesn't mean you have to have the perfect shot with the perfect pose and the perfect light. It's about capturing the memories so they will have them in the future to look back on. Focus on the details you want your child to remember. You know that feeling you get when you look back at your baby photo album? You could care less about the professionalism of the photography, but it's more about noticing the little things. "Hey I remember that toy! I loved that!" Or a photo of you with your family pet at the time. Focus on whatever it is your child loves. 
This may not be the perfect posed sibling shot, but I am in love with the way Jackson will just stare at his little brother.
3 - Take advantage of natural light. 
Don't worry about using your flash (unless you have to). It tends to wash out skin colors if not using it properly. Focus more on natural light. Is your child playing next to the window or close to the door? Take advantage of the beautiful light flowing in! If you're doing something outside, morning and evening sun tends to be the softest light and look the best in photos! 
Sawyer's pack and play sits up against our front windows. It makes the perfect spot for a few quick snapshots! 
4 - Don't forget the details. 
Kids are only little for so long so remember to capture their little hands working on a craft project or their little feet pumping the swing. Close ups of their many faces are wonderful as well! 
I am a sucker for baby eyelashes so I try to get closeups of my kids' all the time. 
5 - Keep it fun! 
Make it a game for the kids. Let them join in and take a few pictures themselves. If taking pictures is getting in the way of enjoying time with your little one(s), put the camera away for a little and come back to it later! 
These were taken on my phone and are certainly not the most flattering, but it begins to capture how much fun we were having just making faces at the camera! 


Marsha Pizarro(non-registered)
Great tips to capturing great photos of your kids!
Great tips, especially the last one. I think everyone has their own personal gallery of their kids' selfies :-)
I love the tip about capturing them doing something they love. I think so many people forget that you're capturing a moment, not perfection.
These are all wonderful tips for taking better photos of your kids! They are simple and easy to follow! Every mom needs to read this!
Such fantastic tips. Perfect for every mom!
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