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June 28, 2016  •  4 Comments

You're doing great mama.

You're doing great mama. Yes, you. You're balancing the baby on your hip while you make your toddler a sandwich. You're nursing your newborn for the tenth time tonight. You're hiding in the bathroom taking deep breaths trying to remain patient through the whining and fussing. Whatever you're doing. Wherever you are. You're doing great. 

You see, I am far from perfect when it comes to motherhood. I have my good moments, my good days, but I also have so many tough moments. The ones where you just cry because there's nothing else to do. The ones where you shout out to God to please help. Please make this better. Easier. The thing is, no one ever said motherhood would be easy. You are raising tiny humans. That, mama, is a tough job. 
We play in our pajamas around here...
...a lot.
To the nurse at the pediatrician's office - thank you. We spent so much time in that office trying to adjust reflux meds and figuring out plans for weight gain. My husband works odd shifts so it was usually just me and my boys. My three year old isn't a fan of sitting still so I'm always a little high strung during these visits. I try to bribe him and distract him with my phone. The baby is screaming and I'm trying to find the right position to rock him so he calms. {I never found that position by the way}. When all is said and done, I have tears welling up in my eyes, sweat forming on my temples and my three year old is throwing a tantrum because I won't lift him up to use the sanitizer on the wall. On the way out, the nurse looks right at me and says, "You're a good mom." What?! Are you talking to me? The one who is barely holding it together here? During the car ride home my demeanor shifts. I did it. I took my colicky baby and my temperamental three year old to a doctor appointment all by myself. That was an accomplishment worthy of recognition. I was patient with my boys and even though I was dying a little on the inside, I held it together for them. 
To the woman at the grocery store - thank you. I had been putting it off, but with no milk, no eggs and no bread, I had to get to the store. My husband was working until 10pm so it would be too late to go by the time he got home. I had no choice. I needed to get to the store with both boys in tow. I had everything planned out. I had my list. I had my ergo to wear the baby so my three year old could ride in the cart. We had so many near meltdowns steered away by the bribe of a special treat at the end (aka candy). The baby was fussy, as always, pushing as hard as he could to get out of the ergo. I got to the checkout and went through the process while that anxiety built up inside me. Trying to unload a cart while wearing a baby on your chest is more challenging than you might think. Then when paying, your three year old insists he wants to help, but pushes the red button because he feels like being naughty. I can't explain it other than feeling like I want to cry, scream and curl into a ball all at once. I held it together from the outside though. At least I thought I did. As I walked out, the woman behind me smiled and said, "Your boys are so sweet. You're doing a great job." Man, the tears welled. Once I got the boys and groceries loaded (no small task as you moms know), I sat in the front seat and just cried. 
To the woman in the nursery at church - thank you. I was alone that morning. My husband stuck at work and I got both boys dressed and out the door (a small miracle in our house). I plopped the baby in his seat down on the floor in the nursery, slung his diaper bag up on the hooks. When asked about whether he has eaten recently or had a diaper change, I believe my response was something along the lines of "You'll figure it out." I then proceeded to drop my three year old off in his class downstairs. Back up the stairs, I peek my head in the nursery. The woman sitting next to my baby glanced up and said, "You're a good mom." What?! Again I feel like these people are crazy! Me? The one who just dropped my baby off with no instruction at all? Was she really talking to me? Yes, she absolutely was. 

We play in the dirt.

We stand on chairs and do other things we're not "supposed"to do.
We take silly selfies.
Then there are moments like this, where my heart is so full I feel like it is going to burst.
What is my point in all this rambling? You're doing great mama! Yes, you! The one who is making lunch while still in your pajamas. The one who broke down in tears last night because the day was so exhausting. The stay at home mom. The working mom. The nursing mom. The formula feeding mom. The cloth diapering mom. The cosleeping mom. The single mom. All moms. Mama, you are doing great. You are giving everything you can everyday to your babies. You are loving them with all your heart. You are kissing their boo boos, giving them that extra hug and kiss they ask for at bedtime, reading them that same book for the tenth time today, dancing like a mad woman to the hokey pokey with them, pretending to be a big bad bear (or a lion, or a can tell I have two boys!). You are doing great! 
Please remember this - there is no one else in the world created for this job. YOU are perfectly created to mother your children. 
Now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. 
Hebrews 13:20-21
Did you have a moment where a stranger stopped to tell you you're doing a good job? Where were you and how did it change your spirit in that moment? I'd love to hear about it!


Jenny Storment(non-registered)
What an amazing blog post, being a mom or a parent in general is so hard and I have my moments too where I just can't take it but then that sweet little face says momma and my heart melts all over again.
❤️ Important for all mamas to hear!
Lauren Nygard(non-registered)
You are amazing, Angie! Keep doing what you're doing!! xoxo
Great post!! and such timely words...We've had a rough day at our house and sometimes you feel like you just got the last punch in a fight, lol. But tomorrow is a new day!
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