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To the mom who avoids being in the picture

January 31, 2017  •  1 Comment

Oh mama, sweet sweet mama, I get it. I really really do. I have two boys which means two full term pregnancies and two (very different) deliveries. I know that you don't feel beautiful while pregnant. I know because I was there. It's hard to feel pretty when you have a human being literally sucking the life out of you sometimes. It doesn't get much better when they're here either. I mean, don't get me wrong, these babies are precious and a mother's love toward her child is beyond words, but the insecurities a woman faces are still there. The disappointment of not being back to your pre-baby weight when you leave the hospital. The frustration of wearing maternity clothes after having the baby. I get it. I totally understand. But the part that you don't see, sweet mama, is the absolute glow that surrounds you. The joy that takes over and consumes you because you had a hand in this miracle of new life. You never knew you could love the way you love your child. So I will beg you, please get in the photo. Trust me to capture the joy and not the insecurities. For yourself, but even more so, for your child. Let him or her be able to look back when they are grown and see that love for themselves. 



Stephanie Rubyor(non-registered)
This is so important. We as moms even (as the kids get older) tend to never be in them. Our kids are going to want pictures of us. I always tell my mamas this. Thanks for sharing!
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